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NAB brings in payment prompts

Uses personalised messages to challenge suspicious transactions.

Despite initial challenges, DoD on track to finish deployment of new EHR by next year

MHS Genesis, DoD’s new EHR, is now live at 75% of DoD’s clinics and hospitals, with 160,000 users and 6.1 million beneficiaries in the system. But officials believe its future benefits extend far beyond replacement of legacy systems

The perks of a CIO with a background in sales

Executives with a view of the market can articulate their messaging more effectively, spotting business needs and potential products.

ISC Stormcast For Thursday, March 30th, 2023 https://isc.sans.edu/podcastdetail.html?id=8432, (Thu, Mar 30th)

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Skyhawk adds ChatGPT functions to enhance cloud threat detection, incident discovery

Cloud threat detection and response (CDR) vendor Skyhawk has announced the incorporation of ChatGPT functionality in its offering to enhance cloud threat detection and security incident discovery. The firm has applied ChatGPT features to its platform in two distinct ways – earlier detection of malicious activity (Threat Detector) and explainability of attacks as they progress (Security Advisor), it said. Skyhawk said the performance elevation achieved by integrating the AI Large Language Model (LLM) that ChatGPT offers has been significant, according to the firm. It claims its platform produced alerts earlier in 78% of cases when adding Threat Detector and Security Advisor ChatGPT scoring functionality. The new capabilities are generally available to Skyhawk customers at no additional charge. The release comes as the furor surrounding ChatGPT and its potential impact on cybersecurity continues to make the headlines, with Europol the latest to warn about the risks of ChatGPT-enhanced phishing and cybercrime. To read this article in full, please click here

The key rules of government contracting

GovCon guru and attorney Alan Chvotkin, partner at Nichols Liu, joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center  to share his key rules of government contracting.

DarkBit puts data from Israel’s Technion university on sale

DarkBit, the group that claimed responsibility for a ransomware attack on Israel’s Technion university, is making good on its threat to sell the university’s data if the ransom went unpaid. “The price of total bulk is 104 BTC (bitcoin) if anyone buys all of it at once,” said a message on DarkBit’s Telegram channel. It also offered data of individual faculties and departments at a prices ranging from 1 bitcoin (about $28,500) for civil and environmental engineering data to 40 bitcoins for data from the computer science department.  The group added that it also had other Technion data available. “There are some other more wondering subdomains ready for sale if they don’t stop putting pressure on our colleagues,” the group said.  To read this article in full, please click here

HackNotice Actions helps people to understand the extent of their data exposure

HackNotice is offering additional tailored protection via its new service, HackNotice Actions. Further empowering employees, HackNotice Actions reaches out to any company where a person’s PII or other data has been compromised, and asks for a full report on or erasure of the person’s data, in addition to other functionalities. Specifically, HackNotice Actions sends an official email on the user’s behalf to compromised companies, which asks for a full report on exposed information and, if … More → The post HackNotice Actions helps people to understand the extent of their data exposure appeared first on Help Net Security.

Manufacturing Process Planning: Steps, Types & Benefits

Manufacturers need to have a process by which to make or assemble their products. Before they go into production, therefore, they must engage in what’s called process planning. This is an important step before manufacturing and must be thoroughly understood….Read More The post Manufacturing Process Planning: Steps, Types & Benefits appeared first on ProjectManager.