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Implement strategic, innovative, scalable solutions that enhance business and government efficiency.
Deliver innovation and ensure the proper execution of IT processes in alignment with our client’s business strategy improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization. We provide an objective, independent analysis to aid organizations in realizing the full potential of IT resources, investments, and assets through our proven Leadership, Strategic Planning, Program Management, and Engineering methods.

​Core Values

Trident of Innovation™: Core Values are essential to the success of an organization. Our Trident of Innovation™, or three-prong approach, is comprised of: Integrity, Collaboration, and Expertise.
Integrity: Poseidon’s foundation in creating trusting relationships and confidence with our employees, partners and clients to successfully fulfill any business process or deliverable.
Collaboration: Central to achievement are strong, working partnerships.
Expertise: Leverage professional, experienced, and certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to infuse industry ‘best practices’ on each engagement.
Commitment: Committed to strong partnerships based on mutual advantage and support. As an IT Solutions and Service Provider, we create a quality of effort and dedication that far surpasses the level of our competitors. Ensure that we define ourselves not only by the level of work provided, but by the quality of effort demonstrated.
Flexibility: Ability to change and conform to the latest standards on a nearly real-time basis through Creative Thinking, Embracing Ambiguity, Exercising Emotional Intelligence, and Shifting Focus in accordance with an organization’s changing priorities while keeping focus on goals and applying knowledge to new circumstances.