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As a leader in project management services, Poseidon is the niche provider our commercial and government customers seek out when they are looking to implement business-enhancing, agile PMO services that improve project and portfolio performance. Poseidon helps you improve PMO performance with proven project management consulting and time-tested approaches that have been implemented in hundreds of organizations.

Business Process Management

Poseidon utilizes continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, combined with change management approaches to achieve stakeholder buy-in. With engaged stakeholders, the new or refined business processes are clearly defined and sustainably applied throughout your organization. Our experience in process improvement has proven that optimized processes require thoughtful integration to deliver value.  Too often, processes are redesigned only to be partially adopted or, worse yet, never implemented.  In other cases, poor implementation and immersion leads to a reversion to old methodologies and heuristics.  Integrating processes with human intervention enables adoption, value creation, and sustainable application and performance.  Poseidon employs a disciplined approach to process design and improvement, and integrates change management practices to ensure your processes are not only sustained but continually improved.

Business Technology

Poseidon provides support to IT program management offices, prioritizes the IT department’s portfolio of projects, and offers a project management approach to end-to-end system selection and implementation projects within IT and other business functions. Poseidon assists your organization in choosing the best technology for your unique business needs, providing an impartial approach to selection and implementation, regardless of technology type. We’re not constrained by partnerships with technology vendors or solution providers; we’re focused on creating sustainable performance and lasting results based on your organizations requirements.  Additionally, we leverage our experience with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) best practices and processes for IT Service Management; aligning IT services with the needs of the business. Using on-site leadership, planning, and robust implementation processes, our consultants seamlessly integrate into your team, culture, and environment. We partner with your stakeholders to drive project execution to meet your business requirements. Throughout the engagement, we manage risk and apply change management best practice to maximize technology and process adoption.

Project Portfolio Management

Poseidon assists organizations in doing the right projects right – those projects with strategic alignment that make the best use of your organization’s time, talent, effort, and budget. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables an organization to define, prioritize, understand, and measure the impact of projects on the organization.  PPM also defines the magnitude of resource involvement so you don’t over-commit your teams.  Improve your project portfolio management capabilities, and do the right projects right. Poseidon establishes and improves your project management and project portfolio management tools and processes so that you consistently prioritize and execute the projects tied to your organization’s strategy that will yield the strongest profit and benefits.  With the right project and portfolio management practices in place, you’ll make best use of time, talent, effort and budget.

Change Management

We blend professional project management with change management best practices to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, and address the human factors and culture critical to adoption and sustainability. Poseidon helps organizations manage the change associated with implementing complex initiatives.  By blending professional project management with change management best practices, Poseidon creates parallel paths of execution – one to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, and another to address the human factors critical to adoption and sustainability. Our process of integrating change management into the planning process solicits buy-in from stakeholders, who are thereby likely to become change advocates.  By partnering with us, your execution competency and success rates are greatly increased while personnel adoption, critical to sustaining performance, is assured.

Product Development

Poseidon manages the critical inter-dependencies and communication among all of the departments involved in product development, from discovery through commercialization. Speed-to-market is critical in the ever-increasing competitive landscape, however quality must never be sacrificed. An integral part of a business growth strategy involves the creation of innovative products and services to achieve competitive market advantages and better address customer needs.  New product development is a challenging, complex undertaking that involves critical interdependent activities and considerations, including, but not limited to:  marketing, research, development, risk assessment, cost analyses, quality, regulatory compliance, launch preparation, commercialization, cross-functional collaboration, corporate strategy, portfolio management and resource allocation. Poseidon addresses product development complexities by applying professional project management to your initiatives.  We create the innovation framework that will enable you to translate your ideas into new products and services and get them to market faster, better, and cheaper.  With a reliable product development roadmap in place, your organization will quickly and efficiently respond to market trends.

Regulatory & Quality

Poseidon utilizes project management to translate, plan, and execute strategies to help you achieve successful submissions, adhere to agency compliance, and remediate identified issues. Professional project management is imperative to operating successfully in highly regulated industries such as consumer products and life sciences. Project management not only prepares companies to meet regulatory requirements, but is crucial during times of crisis, such as product recalls. Poseidon helps ensure high quality and regulatory compliance by translating, planning, and executing strategies to achieve successful submissions, ensure agency compliance, and remediate identified issues. We shine when timelines are tight, resources are thin, and quality cannot be compromised.

Supply Chain Optimization

We identify constraints and inefficiencies in your supply chain, and provide process and technology recommendations to overcome these identified issues vetted by your organizational leaders. Poseidon’s project management consultants ensure your supply chain operates as a unified, well-integrated process with the flexibility to accommodate changes and consistently execute the inherent processes.  We emphasize building a strong link with external stakeholders such as vendors, carriers, third party companies, and information systems providers to create synergy and alignment.  Best practice supply chains execute flawlessly with impeccable timing, accuracy, and consistency.  We understand these attributes and apply an approach that enables disparate supply chain partners to work together and effectively achieve them. Poseidon has managed projects to revitalize existing supply chains and optimize individual elements of the supply chain process from raw material supply to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment.