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Interos CEO explains how to build a company from the ground up

ennifer Bisceglie, founder and CEO of Interos, joins Aileen Black on this week’s Leaders and Legends to explain how she turned a small startup into a dynamic supply chair risk management and operational resilience company.

“We’re seeing some good policy put in place, but that’s the exception”

Australia’s infrastructure sector is being encouraged to go ‘digital by default approach’. Now attention must turn to the policy settings and capabilities needed, says Adam Beck.

FEMA sets self-imposed deadline for moving more applications to the cloud

By the end of the fiscal year, FEMA plans to put about 26 systems in the cloud as a way to improve mission and citizen services.

Why federal hiring is harder than ever

Prospective employees are pickier than ever about where, when, how and for whom they’ll work

Mastercard expands cybersecurity, risk services with new attack simulation and assessment platform

Financial services giant Mastercard has announced the launch of a new attack simulation and assessment platform designed to help businesses and governments enhance their cybersecurity operational resilience. Cyber Front, enabled by a strategic minority investment in cybersecurity vendor Picus Security, reveals organizations’ security gaps and provides real-time mitigation insights so they can improve upon cybersecurity investments with continuous validation, Mastercard stated. The launch comes as Mastercard continues to invest in cybersecurity and risk management capabilities. Cyber Front leverages more than 3,500 real-world threat scenarios In a press release, Mastercard said that Cyber Front, built as an always-on platform, supports customers in strengthening digital ecosystems by validating the effectiveness of their cybersecurity controls to prevent and detect threats, leveraging a continuously updated library of more than 3,500 real-world threat scenarios. Its ultimate goal is to aid businesses in understanding if their systems are effective and identifying areas of exposure to ensure greater protection in both the immediate and long term, it continued. To read this article in full, please click here

Review: Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup is a cloud-based security solution that provides protection against spam, malware, and other advanced threats, combined with backup and recovery features. The solution is specifically designed for and fully integrated with Microsoft 365, offering email and data protection to customers. Its main objective is to create a simple, secure, and hassle-free environment. Installation It all starts with the onboarding wizard, where you, as the IT admin, must enter the … More → The post Review: Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup appeared first on Help Net Security.

Why are current cybersecurity incident response efforts failing?

Business-critical applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provided by SAP and Oracle, are considered the crown jewels of the enterprise. These assets hold an organization’s most valuable data: from confidential financial information to private customer and partner details. Attackers that gain access to these applications can cause mass destruction, by hijacking an organization’s payroll system, shutting down its manufacturing facilities, or transferring large sums of money to their own bank accounts. Despite the … More → The post Why are current cybersecurity incident response efforts failing? appeared first on Help Net Security.