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Saint Security Services, LLC

March 16, 2016 To whom it may concern, The purpose of my writing is to formally recommend Mr. James Quilty to any position for which he even approaches the minimum requirements. He has directly supported me as an independent contractor for the past four months. During this time, James has shown uncommon work ethic, initiative, and resourcefulness; these unteachable traits are the vital foundation of professional excellence. James has supported client engagements with professionalism, able to effectively ensure his projects are completed within pre-established budgetary and timeline constraints.  He has repeatedly proven that he is a reliable resource for any task. James’s versatility and willingness to perform duties outside his job description. From pre-sales meetings and authoring proposals through project staffing,he gives full effort to ensure the success of every phase of every project. Beyond the obvious business value, James is a generally good person. He is of high character, valuing integrity, accountability, loyalty, and fairness. These values are readily apparent to anyone he works with, and align him with the firmly held values of many top technology companies. For all of these reasons, I believe James will immediately prove his worth to your team – no matter what goals that team is employed to meet. Thank you, Daniel C Redding, COO Saint Security Services, LLC