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Randstad Global IT Solutions

June 26, 2019 To whom it may concern, SofiaITC was brought in to assist Randstad USA with an existing Cisco UCS VMWare environment that needed to be rapidly updated and expanded as part of a data center consolidation effort that was in serious trouble.  The hardware platform was completely out of resources and had to be expanded and updated urgently. There was no in house skill set at Randstad to perform this task and it had to be done with minimal investment in hardware while production environments were running in it. The scope of work was not clearly defined and the documentation of the platform was nonexistent. SofiaITC quickly asked the right questions to clearly identify our goals and map out exactly what we needed to do and what was needed to rescue the platform. The deep knowledge and detailed expertise that SofiaITC brought to bear on this urgent activity was extremely impressive and the level of flexibility, commitment and professionalism demonstrated in the course of a very difficult project was a lifesaver. SofiaITC and the expert engineering talent they brought to bear worked tirelessly, side by side with in house system administrators, to get us to our goal, and supported us fully throughout the process. Their willingness to work with us on our schedule, no matter what day of the week or time of day, allowed us to accomplish this upgrade and expansion with minimal impact to the live users on the systems hosted by it. This kind of deep commitment and flexibility from expert contractors is unexpected and deeply appreciated. I recommend SofiaITC very highly to any Enterprise IT Organization requiring an experienced and committed expert in their area of expertise. Sincerely, Paul Edhlund Global Technical Program Manager Randstad Global IT Solutions