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30 January 2014 To Whom It May Concern, I give my highest professional recommendation for Mr. James Quilty.  In a very short time, James has become an integral part of United States Government Agency’s Data Center Incident Management Team.  His initiative, effort, and leadership abilities make him an excellent candidate for any IT company. During his time here, James has consistently demonstrated an ability to create and express a vision to inspire others to commitment.   Furthermore, his ability to lead in a high-pressure environment is unmatched.  He’s a problem solver and can make the tough decisions.  James’ enthusiasm and strong willingness to complete all projects assigned motivates others to accomplish tasks at hand and contributes to the overall strength of the organization.  He is accountable and accepts personal responsibility for performance commitments and objectives; and always maintains high professional/ethical standards. Personally selected to provide bi-weekly Data Center health/status updates to the Operations Chief, the Director, and all Stakeholders at the Operations brief.  He provides a detailed assessment of current operation outages and restoral efforts. He’s personally improved the Authorized Service Interruption (ASI) process to capture organizational impacts and improve maintenance procedures supporting over world-side nodes. James is a key team member supporting my staff. He’s sought out for his DNS, AD, and Project Management expertise and readily provides advice/assessments to improve the operational environment.  For these reasons, I highly recommend James as a candidate for your program. Thank you, Chief, Enterprise Systems Branch