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May 15, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as my formal recommendation for James Quilty. was an integral part of United States Government Agency’s Information Technology Management Office (ITMO) and worked closely with my staff on a daily basis. His dedication to the mission, attention to detail and professional abilities make James an excellent candidate for any IT company and/or its program(s). 

During his time here,James consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a commitment to the ITMO staff’s success. His efforts regularly produced high quality results. For example, James developed and successfully implemented a web site dedicated to an effective government-contractor survey effort that provided measurable data to affect the Service Level Agreements of the vendors providing IT services to the Command. This was a major undertaking, requiring a great deal of strategic planning, complex coordination with the ITMO and IT process owners and a thorough execution effort.

James also used expertise to reduce the number of languishing, legacy change requests by more than 6,550 requests throughout the organization’s worldwide enterprise. His efforts created a more manageable data base of requirements and streamlined the upgrade our IT Service Support tool.

I counted on James in an “unofficial” leadership role. My staff, as well as his co-workers sought out his advice and technical support–James was always there to provide his expertise and was quite comfortable in the role. I feel his leadership abilities will become even more effective in other settings.

For these reasons (and more), I highly recommend James as a candidate for your company or company’s program. If you have any questions regarding James or this recommendation, please contact me.

Chief, IT Management Division